When planning an outdoor event of any size, never overlook the importance of portable restrooms. You may think this necessity is easy enough to order, but mistakes can easily be made that could potentially ruin your big event!

Even the seasoned event planners can take note and avoid these potentially-disastrous mistakes…

    1. Not ordering enough restrooms. We all know budgets get tight, and organizers are usually looking to cut costs. You may think ordering fewer restrooms is an easy way to save money, but this assumption is incorrect. When trying to determine the right amount of restrooms for your special event there are a few factors to take into consideration. The amount of patrons that are going to be attending the event, the amount of time the event will be lasting (hours per day), and whether or not alcoholic beverages are going to be served. All of these factors considered can help provide for an enjoyable and sanitary event experience. Please refer to this chart for more information regarding restroom quantities or contact us and we will be happy to help you determine the right restroom services for your event.
    2. Inaccessible Restrooms. You will want to make sure all of your guests have the ability to use the facilities, so book enough wheelchair-accessible portable restrooms.Prime Portables provide ADA compliant restrooms, available with a wall mounted hand sanitizer dispenser. This restroom exceeds the guidelines for portable restrooms composed in the Americans with Disabilities Act. Allows for easy wheelchair entry and 360 degree turning radius inside. This restroom is also family friendly for parents who need to accompany children to the restroom. Perfect for special events, parks and sporting events. For more information on the Prime ADA compliant restroom. We also provide Wheelchair Accessible restrooms, also available with a wall mounted hand sanitizer dispenser. This restroom provides for easy wheelchair entry, self-closing door, spacious interior, and interior grab rails. This restroom also serves as an additional option to the standard restroom where a larger interior is desired. You should also place these wheelchair-accessible restrooms in areas that are easy to get to. Don’t place them near large crowded areas or spaces that are difficult to maneuver in. One of the largest complaints from people with disabilities is that they don’t have access to all the areas of the event. Ensure that access to restrooms isn’t one of their complaints.
    3. Not Enough Sanitary Offerings. Even if your event venue has SOME sanitary offerings, you’ll want to keep health and safety at top of mind and go above and beyond with a Prime Porta Sink Sanitary Station. Our single or two person stations offer soap dispensers, comes fully stocked with liquid hand soap and paper hand towels. The water flow is foot pump controlled for easy hands free washing and reduced water usage. This sink is completely self contained and holds 22 gallons of fresh water. Perfect for special events of all sizes or any location where multiple restrooms are located. Your customers may not want to eat food with their hands after using a portable restroom that provides only hand sanitizer. This may lead them to spend less money–or even leave!
    4. Trying to Save the Pennies.  Yes every event has it’s set budget, but look to skimp on restroom services is not the answer! If you were considering using multiple providers – think again! While some providers offer a slightly cheaper alternative on certain restrooms, this can lead to increased difficulty when coordinating pick-up and drop-off times, placement, and schedule coordination. Large providers will be able to work with you to devise a cohesive plan for your event and ensure all your equipment arrives, is set up and collected in one. What’s more, cheaper providers may achieve this low pricing by using sub-par equipment, or not paying their workers fair wages. You are better off going with a company that is attentive and can provide your attendees with the best experience possible.

Not only do Prime Portables offer a high quality restroom product but our primary focus is our service and strive for every customer to be COMPLETELY SATISFIED with their restroom rental experience. We take pride in our “Owner Quality” service and mission to deliver OUTSTANDING SERVICE TO EVERY CUSTOMER, EVERY TIME.

We hope this article has helped you gain knowledge when it comes to ordering restrooms for your next big (or small) event! If you have any further questions or wish to receive a quote, contact us today!