As a full service portable restroom rental company, Prime Portables is proud to offer its expert services across the entire Chicago Metropolitan area 24/7. Our specialists not only deal with the rental of portable restrooms, but also with the rental of portable sinks.

Portable Sinks From Prime Portables

It can be very common for people to underestimate the importance of having a portable sink. The fact of the matter is that portable restrooms are an ideal place to come into contact with the germs of many other people. Having a sink available outside of the portable restroom unit to wash and disinfect your hands eliminates the risk of catching any sort of disease from others using the restroom.

At Prime Portables, our company offers two different types of portable sinks for rent. The Prime Porta-Sink Single includes one hand washing station that is fully equiped with soap and paper towel dispensers. Water flow is activated via the food pump, which allows the user to have complete control while washing their hands. The Single can hold up to 17 gallons of fresh water, making it ideal for large events such as concerts, construction sites, or other private events.

We also offer the Prime Porta-Sink Dual, which is a 2-person station with 2 separate soap dispensers. The same foot-pump activated water supply used in the Single Station also exists within the Dual Station. This model also features an increased water storage tank, which can contain up to 22 gallons of water.

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