The amenities included at your special event can be the details that turn it from a fun outdoor party to a dream location. Stunning views? Award-winning caterer? House-made wines? It’s hard to turn down anything that sounds that good. But one detail that’s often overlooked — and doesn’t necessarily seem like an amenity during your event planning — is the restroom situation.

Whether it’s a remote vineyard at a wedding, a sprawling farm for a big birthday, or your summer backyard gathering, having the necessary restrooms will do wonders for increasing your guests’ comfort…. If you want to add the luxurious details to your special event, then our Portable Restroom Trailer is for you!

It’s our most popular restroom for a reason… The premium trailer includes a toilet, urinal and sink and is perfect for events of all sizes and works great at locations where many restrooms are used and large crowds are expected.

Impress your guests with higher end restroom services from Prime Portables. For a quote and/or more information on the impressive Portable Restroom trailer, contact us today!